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Becker Associates LLC and Anjar Co. LLC are an award-winning, full service, global licensor and IP brand management agency. We’ve licensed over 1000 products and brands, and our licensees have sold more than $2 billion worth of our toys and games. We're the proud recipient of the prestigious 'OUTSTANDING LICENSING AGENT' award and have been called, ‘the best run licensing agency in the country.’

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 Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Patti’s background?
Patti Becker prides herself on helping companies, entrepreneurs, and inventors develop their IP, and market their brands, and products. Her background combines art, developmental child psychology, education (BA), and marketing (MBA). Before joining Anjar and founding Becker Associates, Patti held positions at three different US consumer products manufacturers. Patti is also Past President of Women in Toys, where she established the Women’s Empowerment Program with Walmart in 2012, encouraging 500+ women-owned businesses to pitch their ideas directly to Walmart buyers and discuss their experiences. Patti transformed WIT from a small U.S.-based organization into an international organization with 3500 members in over 24 countries, increased WIT’s operating budget 600%, created a stellar Advisory Board of International industry leaders, grew social media networking, expanded the awards and scholarship programs, and achieved global recognition for WIT.

What’s Jonathan’s background?
Jonathan Becker was “born” into the toy industry, and joined his Dad at Anjar in 1987, after practicing IP Law for several years at the NY Office of an International Patent and Trademark Firm. Jonathan is recognized as one the leading licensing attorneys in the toy business, which is why he’s frequently asked to be an expert witness in cases involving toy licensing. He’s also an Assistant Professor in the Toy Design Department at the Fashion Institute of Technology (the first college program in the world to offer a BFA in Toy Design), where he co-wrote the curriculum and the course that he’s taught for the past 31 years. Jonathan’s Dad, Jim Becker was inducted into the prestigious Toy Industry Hall of Fame in 2018.

How do you add value?

Our backgrounds (combined 80+ years in the toy business) and expertise add tremendous value to the inventors we represent. While inventors may be able to show their ideas to a few different companies, we have the potential to reach hundreds of toy companies, targeting the ones with the greatest potential and greatest likelihood of success. And while toy companies review products for their own product lines, we’re looking for products that have potential with any one of hundreds of companies around the world. 

What brands and products have you represented and what are you known for?
Gumby & Pokey, Barrel of Monkeys, Disappearing Magic Baby Bottle, Fireball Island, Fireball Island: Curse of Vul-Kar, Fireball Island: Crimson Cutlass, Timber Tots, Battle Dome, Nerf Ping Pong, Baby Get Well, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Goops, Othello®, Sliders, Pocket Games, Anne Geddes Plush, Anne Geddes Puzzles, Anne Geddes PlayMats, Tumball, The Game of the Generals, Pathfinder, Sonic Cyclone, Steve Kaufman Puzzles, PlayTape, Tiny Town, Smiley Balls, Smiley TungToos, Sophie la girafe, and Big Fat Yarn are some of the evergreen products we’ve developed, licensed or marketed, many of which have become familiar household names and sold millions of pieces! In addition, we represent companies and brands for licensing, distribution, and m&a, including: Vulli, Verdes V-cubes, Sophie la girafe, Anne Geddes, Steve Kaufman, and Howard Robinson.

Which companies have you licensed to?
Jazwares, Mattel, Hasbro, Fisher-Price, Simba Dickie, TCG, Ravensburger, Brio, Fat Brain Toy Co., Funskool, MJM Australia, Commonwealth, SchmidtSpiele, Identity, Irwin, MegaBleu, University Games, MGBI, Hutter, Hanall M&C, Trend UK, Vulli, Grandi Giochi Group, Felix Toys, Epee, Kiddisvit, AS, Broadway, Amo, Crown & Andrews, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Toys "R" Us and others have sold our merchandise in more than 100 countries. 

What about co-branding?
Our products have been co-branded with Disney, Pokémon, Sesame Street, Nick, WB, Marvel, Barbie, Simpsons, Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Hello Kitty, Angel Cat Sugar, Smiley, Steve Kaufman, and Anne Geddes, connecting kids with their favorite licensed brands and characters. 

How do you know what toy companies are looking for?
We receive and study the ‘wish lists’ of toy companies, so we not only understand their current product range, but also their possible plans to expand into new categories or create brand extensions for current successes.

What services do you provide? 
In addition to the global licensing and distribution deals, we provide product development, IP, legal assistance, negotiation, strategic marketing, and social media. We have 30k connections on LinkedIn and 40k on constant contact.
Why should I use a licensing agent?
Many inventors, designers, and entrepreneurs initially try to market their concepts directly to toy companies rather than through licensing agents, under the misguided belief that we’re just an added layer between them and the toy companies. But, actually, that’s not at all the case. Our experience, knowledge and expertise, and thousands of relationships built over 50+ years, provide considerable value to the inventors we represent. While we share royalties with the inventors we work with, they understand that our negotiations almost always yield a lot more than 100% of what they can get on their own. We typically receive a higher royalty rate, advance, and minimum guarantee - and we actually get paid.
How do I start?
If you have a brand extension, or you have a new product idea, contact us at or submit your New Concept Submission right here.