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Cuttables and Traceables are colorful and easy-to-use. They make tracing and cutting shapes easy for everyone. Learning how to trace and cut shapes can be a challenge for many preschoolers—even more so for those with developmental and physical impairments.

Traceables enable kids to trace an entire shape without having to pause to go around their wrist. The Traceables come in three sizes, and are made so kids can hold them down with one hand and trace easily with the other. Traceables are similar to stencils except that they have handles outside the shape for a child to hold on to while they trace the entire shape without their hand being in the way. A complete set of Traceables includes 4-inch and 6-inch circles, squares and triangles in bright colors.

Cuttables secure the paper for cutting via two matching shapes held together by magnets. Cuttables are aids to cutting, packaged as two identical shapes held together and aligned magnetically. Handles on the outside of the shape make it easy for a child to pull the two shape pieces apart. When the child places a piece of paper between the two shape pieces, the magnets hold the paper firmly. This allows the student to cut around the outside edge of the shape, using visual and sensory feedback from the edge of the shape to guide their scissors as they cut around the shape. A complete set of Cuttables comes with 4-inch and 6-inch circles, squares and triangles. Additionally an 8-inch rectangle helps teach the basic skill of cutting a straight line. Cuttables come in bright colors that children find most appealing.

Cuttables and Traceables help develop dexterity, eye/hand coordination, and fine-motor skills.

Developed by an occupational therapist working with special needs preschool children and her husband, a nuclear engineer, they saw firsthand how challenging and frustrating it could be for young children to master dexterity, eye/hand coordination, and fine- and gross-motor skills. Tools to develop these skills are frequently used. However, there were no tools/aids available to help children develop basic cutting and drawing skills...until now.



Cuttables and Traceables help end frustration. Benefits of using Creatable Learning Concepts include:

  • Development of dexterity
  • Hand/eye coordination improvement
  • Fine motor skill improvement
  • Increase in imagination
  • Increase in drawing skills
  • Increase in cutting skills
  • Ability to learn shapes for pre-math fundamentals
  • Pre-writing fundamental skill improvement
  • Improved language development
  • Increased spatial awareness


"Cuttables and Traceables really work"

“Special needs kids oftentimes have problems with fine motor skills.  They can easily get frustrated and cry when they are unable to complete a task.  When a child looks at you and says ‘I did it’ with pride in their voice, you can see the impact,”
Bonnie Corder, a teacher who practices community outreach as part of the Toledo Public Schools’ early childhood program.

“Because the tools are safe, durable, and portable, the kids can explore with their hands, as well as carry them or just play looking through them.  They develop a level of comfort that makes them more willing to try a fine motor activity,”
Evelyn Mylander, a teacher at East Toledo Preschool.

“My typical students love using them. I have had parents ask where they can get a set for home use,” 
Diana, special needs teacher.

“These items will enable students to reach IEP (Individual Education Plan)goals easier. They will also increase the students’ self-esteem by increasing their independence in creating artwork,” 
Denise, para-professional and grandparent

“The products make it easier for my child to draw shapes. Cutting out shapes has become easier and with greater success. My son will stay longer at learning how to draw and cut now that he has success,” 

“Wow!”  “Look, I did it!”
– Students



NW Ohio company goes from garage to global. Createable Learning Concepts on 11 CBS



  • The products were manufactured by Plastic Technologies (PTI), Inc., 1440 Timberwolf Dr., Holland, OH.
  • PTI made the molds, using a MUD mold design, which allowed the 13 different shapes to use a common base and interchangeable molds for the different pieces. PTI is holding the molds.
  • The products are made of polypropylene, which is a plastic that can bend without breaking, but yet under normal use, it is firm and retains its shape. 
  • To ensure that the magnets did not come out after they were put into the Cuttables, an ultrasonic welder was used to form the plastic over the edges of the Magnets to hold the magnets tightly. All the products were tested by NSF International in 2010 and passed all tests.
  • Total sales ~ $100,000. 
  • The products were patented on 11/9/2010, patent number 7827701. The patent is for both the Cuttables and Traceables. The patent renewal was submitted in 2018.
  • Investment costs: 5000 sets x 3 skus = $200,000, including cost of molds. 

Final cost on the products was as follows (Made in small quantity in USA):

  • Traceables package (6 templates): $12.85
  4” and 6” circles, squares & triangles
  • Small Cuttables Package (3 shapes, each with 2 pieces): $13.15

4” circle, square and triangle

  • Large Cuttable Package (4 shapes, each with 2 pieces): $17.44

6” circle, square, triangle + 8” rectangle


Approximately 4,000 packages each of Small Cuttables, Large Cuttables, and Traceables. 12,000 packages in all.


Cuttables and Traceables are also useful tools 
for rehabilitation and therapy