*TUMBALL (MegaBleu USA - U.S.)
*TUMBALL (MegaBleu USA - U.S.)
*TUMBALL (MegaBleu USA - U.S.)
*TUMBALL (MegaBleu USA - U.S.)
*TUMBALL (MegaBleu USA - U.S.)
*TUMBALL (MegaBleu USA - U.S.)
*TUMBALL (MegaBleu USA - U.S.)
*TUMBALL (MegaBleu USA - U.S.)
*TUMBALL (MegaBleu USA - U.S.)
*TUMBALL (MegaBleu USA - U.S.)
*TUMBALL (MegaBleu USA - U.S.)
*TUMBALL (MegaBleu USA - U.S.)
*TUMBALL (MegaBleu USA - U.S.)
*TUMBALL (MegaBleu USA - U.S.)

*TUMBALL (MegaBleu USA - U.S.)



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 Grand Prix du Jouet 2017 Winner! 

Tumball is the nerve-wracking, bead-stacking game where up to four players take turns stacking beads without causing them to tumble! The first player to
stack all their beads wins the game.
•• Huge seller in Europe-sold out in the U.K.

•• Fun game for the whole family

•• Sold in France, UK, Korea, US, Germany, 
Ages 4 & Up
Players: 2 – 4

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Tumball® by MegaBleu USA
University Games and Megableu are partnering together to launch TV Advertised TUMBALL, an innovative new skill and action game, in the USA and Canada.

MegaBleu is a premier game brand from Europe and maker of remarkably fun children’s games. Together, they will launch amusing, intelligent and innovative games that appeal to both children and their parents, aiming to offer many hours of family entertainment and personal enrichment. 

See the MegaBleu USA 2018 catalog here   
T V! 
NEW! 2018!




  • Badaboule & Tumball by Megableu -15 second TVC


You'll Need Steady Hands and Nerves of Steel to Get Past the Breaking Point! Be careful with the first ball, now try and go for two! Watch out, don't reach the Breaking Point® or the balls will go to you! The tension mounts as the balls pile up and players are careful to avoid the Breaking Point®! Strategically place balls on hanging cluster - one wrong move and it's an avalanche! First player to place all their balls wins!
  • 2017 Distribution: France (MegaBleu - Badaboule), UK (MGBI-Tumball), Korea (Hanall M&C)

  • 2018 Distribution is expected to include:

    • North America (MegaBleu USA-Tumball)

    • Germany (Hutter-Balla Balla)

    • Italy

    • Spain

    • Nordics

    • Australia

    • Russia

    • Poland